Consulting Services

Rod Barlow Consulting was founded with the intention to provide in-depth knowledge of technology solutions including EPOS , ecommerce, hospitality, ticketing, and CRM systems. Our experience and market insight have equipped us to assist hundreds of organisations to strategise their technology, select solutions and deliver successful projects. 


Our expertise

Let our experience of the cultural and retail sector guide you when selecting your next software solution.

Retail Management Systems

With our in-depth knowledge of retail, we have successfully helped numerous organisations select the right solution to deliver a first class omni-channel experience.

Ticketing & Event Management Systems

We have extensive knowledge in ticketing and event management systems, helping businesses adapt to industry changes and efficiently manage their visitor journeys.

Omnichannel & E-Commerce

Our expertise extends across omnichannel commerce, from order to fulfillment , capturing customer data for marketing ,CRM and 360 degree view of the customer engagement.

Supply Chain & Finance

We offer end-to-end consulting services for supply chain and finance system selection and implementation.

How we help our clients with their systems strategy and implementation

Technology strategy

Our experience in the sector will be invaluable in definin a clear business strategy.

Change management

We will help you navigate the change when implementing a new technology solution and move successfully into business as usual.

Cultural sector

Our partnership with industry bodies keeps us informed of the unique operational challenges experienced in the cultural sector so we can help you evolve in a rapidly changing market place.

Requirements gathering

We can assist or guide you in the gathering of requirements for your new software requirments. 

Tender documentation

With our experience we can help you with the process of creating a successful tender brief and selection process.

Project management

We will apply our experience, knowledge, methodology and skills to assist you in delivering a successful project.

Data migration

Supporting you to migrate your data from your old solutions to new ones including legacy and poor quality sources.

Systems integration

Integration with other solutions can be a major challenge. We will support you integrate systems using API, data transfer and iPaaS solutions.

Reporting & insights

Reporting is key to any successful project. We will help you build reporting data sets and visualise them in Microsoft Excel and Power BI

How we help technology suppliers

Product strategy

Having a clear product strategy and road map is essential, our experience in the sector can help you build this.

Technology assesment

Sometimes having an external perspective on directions your new product should use is helpful and we have the experience to offer.

Business Development

Whether it is Business Development, Customer Experience, Programme & Project Management, Transformational Change, or Solution Engineering, we have the expertise to guide your journey.

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