Our services ...

Our indepth of knowledge in specialist EPoS, hospitality, ticketing and CRM systems gained over the last 30 years combined with delivering successful solutions to over 1000 organisations has give us the experience, market awareness, process definement and knowledge to deliver a wide range of services to the sectors we focus on.

Turning today’s retail challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

There are always new challenges facing the retail industry including technology advancements, evolving customer expectations, supply chain and digital disruption. Retailers and attractions must adapt to meet these changes to grow their businesses.  Rod Barlow Digital Consulting will help you analyse your business requirements, review possible solutions and help you make informed decisions about your future technologies.

Our expertise spans omnichannel commerce and supply chains end-to-end, from order capture through fulfillment and from supplier to consumer.

System Selection

Helping retailers analyse requirements and make new technology selections. We will help you identify requirements, select the best vendor shortlist and then support you in making the right investment decisions.

Project Management

Working with organisations to implement technology successfully. We provide the governance, methodology and expertise to work with merchants and vendors to get projects delivered on time and within budget.

Product Roadmap

Supporting technology vendors with approach, roadmap, market analysis and pricing ... in fact anything to help you get new and established  products to market successfully.

Business Case

We help merchants and technology vendors develop solid business cases, backed up by clear evidence and a sound ROI. Whether you are seeking funding or board approval, we can help.

Why us? ...

Strategy First Approach - Strategy First Approach ensures that your decisions are aligned with your vision  and projects are designed and executed accordingly.

Adopt Best Practices - Optimise your systems and processes based on best practice identified from many successful implementations at leading retail companies over many years.

Controlled Implementation – Tried and tested Implementation methodology will ensure your projects are designed to meet your objectives and timelines. We believe that revealing the detail is key to a successful project planning. Risk mitigation and tracked progress with clear communication plans and budget control are essential for successful delivery.  

Unified Commerce -  By focusing  on unified commerce and the convergence of digital and physical commerce helps retailers and attractions achieve a seamless customer experience.